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Friday, September 29, 2006

Always get gas in Hope

A tip for anybody traveling into or out of the Lower Mainland of British Columbia: always get gas at Hope. One of my habits whenever I drive out of or into the Lower Mainland is to gas up in Hope. On the way out of the Lower Mainland, I usually plan my trip so that I have enough gas to make it to Hope, where I fill up. On the trip back into the Lower Mainland, I also plan the trip so that I can fill up in Hope. And on a few trips, I have also brought a couple extra gas cans to fill up too. Why get gas in Hope? Gas is significantly less expensive than in the Lower Mainland. The price of gas in, say, Vancouver includes about 12 cents per litre for Translink taxes. (Translink is the local body responsible for managing public transit in the Lower Mainland. They are an unelected body, but they have somehow managed to assume the authority to impose taxes where they want. Not sure how that happened; I don’t want them and their taxes. And, as a resident of the Lower Mainland, I don’t recall being asked about it). In other words, gas is presently about $1.00 per litre, and 12 cents of that $1.00 is Translink taxes. By gassing up in Hope, a person saves the additional expense of those nonsense taxes, but (on the way in to the Lower Mainland) is close enough to arrive with the tank still full, so you can still last a week or longer without having to fill up locally. And if you make regular trips, up the Fraser canyon, up the Coquihalla Highway, out to the Fraser Valley, etc. you can fill up in Hope as often as possible to avoid the excessive taxes as much as possible. Some Lower Mainland residents make day trips to the U.S. to gas up and purchase milk, eggs, cheese, etc. I prefer to stay in B.C. and gas up in Hope.

Wednesday, September 06, 2006

Nathaniel’s First Day of School

Yesterday was Nathaniel’s first day of school (kindergarten). Classes this week are short (9 am – 10 am) because the school has a gradual entry program. Supposedly, children entering school for the first time find it easier to get used to school if they are eased into the new routine. Next week, the proper schedule takes effect: 9 am – 11:30. In any case, Nathaniel was not nervous. He thought it was fun and looked forward to class this morning too. I had been looking forward to this (probably more than he was); this is a big first step on a new adventure for him. This year should be fun. And I hope he learns a lot.

Tuesday, September 05, 2006

The Great Pyramid Decoded

Just finished reading the following book. Not very good.

“The Great Pyramid Decoded”
by Peter Lemesurier
Element Books, Inc., 1996
Rockport, MA. USA