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Sunday, August 27, 2006

Fly Fishing: A Trip to Houston

Last week, I took a week-long trip to Houston, British Columbia. As always, I enjoyed the time spent out of the city and in a small town. And, as always, the weather was beautiful. I usually make a trip to Houston once a year, in the summer. Summers tend to be warm and dry; in fact, they are too dry. Farmers and gardeners are always complaining about the lack of water. It rarely rains and, when it does, the rainfall is so light the water barely soaks into the soil. The warm dry weather may not be good for farmers, but it does make visits pleasant for tourists who just spend a little time there.

The skies are also clearer outside of the Lower Mainland; I always seem to come back with a nice tan (ironic, that I don’t tan when I am in the south, but get a nice tan when I go north).

We also enjoyed spending time in Steelhead Park, which is just across Highway 16 from the shopping centre. It is well-maintained, has a nice water fountain, and boasts the World's Largest Fly Rod:


We also took a trip to Smithers, which is a 45-minute drive west of Houston along Highway 16.
Smithers is a very nice small town; it seems to have all the amenities of a small city: a McDonald’s, Tim Hortons, airport, etc.

We headed home from Houston early Friday morning.
Just out of curiousity, I used the trip odometer on my car to check the distance from Houston to Coquitlam. From being parked at my dad’s house, to being parked in my apartment building’s parking lot was 1084 kilometres. This number included a few stops along the way for gas and food but, otherwise, is pretty accurate.


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