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Sunday, March 11, 2007

Moon Phases Calendar

Well, I finally got my Lunaria Lunar Almanac, three months into the new year. I had actually tried to order it earlier from calendarclub.ca (the same place I had ordered it from last year); however, they told me they hadn’t sold enough of the 2006 edition to stock the 2007 edition. And I hadn’t made a point of looking for it again until recently. I finally ordered it through amazon.ca; in fact, I even applied to become an affiliate of amazon.ca and now have a listing for the almanac on my own website (in the title link of this post).

I really like this almanac. I am not into Wicca or astrology, but the day-by-day information about the moon it provides is very nice. In addition to information about the phases of the moon, it also provides information about what astrological house the moon is in, its rise and set times, solstice/equinox times, and much more. Beautiful!


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